The Port of Geraldton and Oakajee

Located in the heart of the city of Geraldton, the port is 424 kilometres north of Perth, 1,340 kilometres south of Port Hedland and 990 kilometres west of Kalgoorlie. Geraldton Port Authority (GPA) manages the port and is governed by the Board of Directors appointed by the Minister for Transport.

The GPA facilitates trade, controls the port, makes sure safety comes first and operates efficiently, to look after the port’s land and infrastructure – and protect the natural environment surrounding the port. The GPA must always act commercially and endeavour to make profits. The main cargoes are iron ores, grains, fuels, metals, mineral sands, talc, garnet and fertilisers.
Trade growth has seen Geraldton port move from a five million tonne per annum port five years ago to reach 10 million tonnes. Strong growth is set to turn into stronger growth as iron ore ramps up in 2013. Today’s ten million tonne port will be 2014’s fifteen million tonne port. With the addition of Oakajee to the GPA portfolio, the Ports of Geraldton & Oakajee become the Mid West’s sixty million tonne gateway to opportunity.
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